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Erica Wise, PhD

I am so delighted that Jenny Taylor is running for a position on the APA Board of Directors! She has my whole hearted support. I see her as the best of the future of our profession. She is extremely dedicated to social justice and making the world a better place. She is also extremely competent, diligent and responsible. She is a “can do” person. Anything she commits to is accomplished and it is done in an exemplary fashion. I urge everyone to vote for Jenny!!!

A.J. Metz, PhD

As a colleague of Jennifer’s at the University of Utah and former president of our state psychological association, I can confidently tell you that Jennifer has what it takes to help our field respond to both internal and external challenges and lead our field into the future. She has all the qualities of a great leader – passion, focus, dedication, integrity, curiosity, inspiration, and open-mindedness. She is collaborative, hardworking, positive, persistent, insightful, and innovative.

Joe Hammer, PhD

Jennifer is well-positioned as an ECP active in the Society of Counseling Psychology and APA to bring a clear vision to the APA Board of Directors. We need leaders with integrity and a sensitivity to the dynamics of power and marginalization to guide our Association; I think Jennifer is ready to do so.

Jason Burrow-Sanchez, PhD

I typically don’t write testimonials but in this case I could not resist! Jennifer is just the ECP that I believe many of us want to see on the APA board. She has fresh and exciting ideas and considers issues from multiple viewpoints – her experiences in advocacy at local, state, and national levels provide a solid foundation on which serve as an effective board member! I won’t hesitate to vote for her and I hope you don’t either!

Mike Parent, PhD

Dr. Taylor is a exceptional and outstanding early career professional. Her knowledge of the field, and training, is extensive and, at her career stage, unparalleled. She would be an asset to the BoD not only for ECPs but for the profession as a whole.

Bong Joo Hwang, PhD

Jennifer Taylor was my supervisee during her internship at the Ohio State University Counseling & Consultation Service, and then became a good colleague of mine after her internship. She is a great person with great heart and her commitment to whatever she is committed to is superb. I strongly believe that she will bring to the APA Board excellent contribution with her great knowledge and skills in various areas, and also her passion and enthusiasm. I wholeheartedly support her candidacy for the APA Board.

Laura Reid Marks, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Taylor would make a great addition to APA’s Board of Directors. She is an inspiring, hardworking, and accomplished early career psychologist who is poised to make positive changes within APA and the profession of psychology.

Chelsea Latorre

I know Dr. Jennifer Taylor will be an outstanding member of the APA board. She is already serving in several committees within APA, and has an outstanding background in and dedication to outreach, social justice, leadership, and organizational policy that will be necessary for this position. I have been fortunate to have Jennifer as a professor, and I look up to her as a role model and visionary within our field. She is not someone who speaks without action. She is an advocate for students and professionals, and plays out these values in both her personal life and professional work. I am grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to know and work with Jennifer, and am excited to see her continue to excel in her professional roles. She has made a strong, positive, lasting impression on my personal and professional development, and I believe she is an exceptional candidate for this position.

Whitney Wall, PhD

Jenny is a great pick for APA Board of Directors. She has integrity and heart and will move the field forward in positive ways!

Kevin W. Thomas, PhD

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Taylor since we met while on internship together. Dr. Taylor is bright, talented, driven, and a natural leader. She epitomizes servant leadership in all of the tasks that she undertakes. Dr. Taylor will be an incredible board member! I fully believe in Dr. Taylor and hope that you will vote for her.