As any climber knows, summiting the world's greatest peaks takes passion, persistence, and hard work. But even with these three principles in tow, the world’s greatest peaks have never been summited alone. In the same way, with persistence, hard work, and collaboration, we gain diversified perspectives and a clearer view. As your APA candidate, I am excited to take on the challenges currently facing our field, work together with our members to integrate your viewpoints, and help us climb to greater heights.


Integrity calls for reliable fiscal responsibility among the Board and a commitment to representing a voice for all APA members...


Diversity is situated in the middle, because it the centerpiece that makes everything work. It must be understood broadly...


Transparency involves the unwavering commitment to honoring a process that not only withstands, but invites, scrutiny from all quarters...

About Jennifer

I currently serve as an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, where I teach Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, and Sports Psychology students. I also serve as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida. Since 2014, I’ve served on APA’s Division 17’s Awards and Recognition Committee and the Herstory Committee for the Section for the Advancement of Women. I was elected Vice Chair of APA’s Continuing Education Committee in 2016 and currently serve as its Chair and Research Team leader. I also serve on APA’s Presidential Initiative on Citizen Psychologists Working Group and on APA’s Individual Development Plan Committee.

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